Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Koch Family Members Form Bluegrass Boardwalk Inc.

Could this be the start of the next chapter for Kentucky Kingdom?  In an announcement today, members of the Koch family, who own and operate Holiday World, shared the news that they have formed Bluegrass Boardwalk Inc to "explore re-opening Louisville's amusement and water park in 2013."

While things are still very preliminary, the group plans to "negotiate a lease agreement with the Kentucky State Fair Board, secure financing, and apply for economic development incentives from the Commonwealth of Kentucky."  The group has pointed out that no public monies will be requested for use in possibly reopening the park.

The group is composed of Holiday World President Dan Koch, his sister Natalie Koch, their cousin Kathy Kamp, and her husband Michael Kamp who is General Manager at Holiday World.

That's it for now, but future news will be released via the organization's website and Facebook.

Something that was left out of the news release was confirmation of whether Kentucky Kingdom would be renamed Bluegrass Boardwalk if reopened.  It could be assumed so, but as we all know assuming anything can be dangerous. 

However, the Facebook account does use the image on the left, which by adding the Louisville, KY underneath certainly does seem like it'd be the park's name.

Obviously this is all very breaking news, perhaps some details will shake out soon.