Thursday, February 2, 2012

NPN January 2012 Poll Results

This past month's poll is one of my favorite each year, where we see which new North American coaster everyone is most excited for.

And that ride is Hersheypark's Skyrush - voted #1 by only one vote!  The ride captured 146 votes, or 21.95% of the total.  The ride, which was recently topped off, is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated new rides in some time.

With 145 votes, or 21.8%, our number 2 spot went to Canada's Wonderland's Leviathan.  Bolliger and Mabillard's first ride to break the 300 foot mark has already impressed us all with its towering structure, and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to their first ride.
Here's the full spread of how things turned out.  Third place went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Verbolten - but also only one vote ahead of Dollywood's Wild Eagle.  From there the number of votes dropped off some with 5th place going to Six Flags Great America's X-Flight.

Watch for a new poll soon!