Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alabama Adventure's Ride Liquidation

Since being recently purchased by a company that is comprised of former owners of the property, Alabama Adventure has seen a healthy amount of rumors that the ride side of the park would cease to exist.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the rumors were indeed true - Intermark Ride Group has a large selection of Alabama Adventures' rides currently listed for sale.  From small to large, it seems as though enough rides are being liquidated that keeping the ride side of the park open would be quite a task.

Among the rides offered is the park's Vekoma Boomerang, which had two previous homes in Australia.  The park's large (and popular) CCI wooden ride, Rampage, is not currently listed.  Someone could, however, snatch up rides such as a Chance Carousel, Zierer Wave Swinger, Huss Pirate Ship, and a large Mondial Giant Wheel.

Alabama Adventures has struggled for many years now, passing through different owners but never really seeming to find its place - Cedar Fair almost started managing the property years ago.  It's adjacent water park has seen success, however, and it appears as though that will remain open.

The park's last addition was this past season's Buzzsaw Falls, which also does not appear to be listed as for sale.