Saturday, February 2, 2019

California's Great America Gives Drop Tower a New Inspired-By-Nature Look for 2019

© California's Great America
While there are no large capital expansions on deck for California's Great America's 2019 season, the park is still taking on plenty of projects to improve the property for this season.

One of them was just detailed on the park's official blog, and that's the transformation of Drop Tower's color scheme to one inspired by Northern California's famous sequoia and redwood trees.  The ride is currently being scrubbed of its former paint scheme and soon will have a totally new look.

© California's Great America
The park released this image to give an idea of the ride's finished look.  Just as on the giant trees of the area, the ride will start with brown at the bottom and slowly transform through orange to green, with the highest part of the tower the lightest green color.

The ride's six cars are also being refurbished and will include new paint schemes to match Drop Tower's new look.  The blog does not make any mention of a new name for the attraction, but perhaps that's still in the cards - it would be a perfect time to give the attraction a unique name that better fits its new California-inspired look.

Drop Tower, created by Intamin, opened in 1996 and stands 224 feet tall.  Riders free fall toward the ground at speeds of around 62 miles per hour.