Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cedar Fair Purchases Hotel Adjacent to Castaway Bay Near Cedar Point Entrance

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Cedar Fair is continuing its trend of purchasing plots of land located around the entrance to the causeway that leads to Cedar Point.  The latest purchase is the Budget Host Inn, according to the Sandusky Register.  The paper is reporting that the hotel was purchased for just over $1 million.

Looking at the aerial above, the purchased land is in the red box, and located adjacent to Castaway Bay, the park's hotel with an indoor waterpark.

I have not stayed at the Budget Host Inn, but in looking at photos of the property, it does not appear to be up to Cedar Fair's accommodation standards.  That makes me wonder if it will be renovated, or even demolished, perhaps becoming a future expansion area for Castaway Bay.  The hotel is not currently taking any reservations, at least on

© Google Maps
The new purchase is along Cleveland Road, which is also home to the recently developed Sports Force Parks.  The new purchase is in red above, and the Sports Force Parks is in yellow.  It makes sense for Cedar Fair to want to develop along Cleveland Road, as that's a heavy traffic area for guests involved at events at the recreational complex... and to be honest the drive into Cedar Point isn't the easiest on the eye.  To that end, it will be nice to see Cedar Fair continue to possibly redevelop that stretch!  Plus, work on the massive indoor expansion to the Sports Force complex is progressing, meaning there will soon be a need for more year-round hotel rooms in the area.

The amount of land that Cedar Fair now owns in the area is substantial.  Over on Pointbuzz Walt has created a map of the land they currently own, which is very interesting to check out.  These purchases hint toward very long term development goals, but it's exciting to see Cedar Point continue to move toward being a hyper-regional or even national destination.


Unknown said...

I think they want the land, not the motel.