Sunday, February 3, 2019

American Dream Releases New Names + Details of 4 Coasters Opening at Nickelodeon Universe

Yesterday was the American Coaster Enthusiasts' (ACE) annual Eastcoaster event, held at Hersheypark, where various parks give presentations on the latest news from their property.

Representatives from The American Dream, the large shopping and entertainment complex just outside Manhattan in New Jersey, gave some new information on the roller coasters opening at the park later this year.  We have seen ride manufacturers give some details on the rides in the past, but this is the first I've seen the park update the public.

ACE shared some of the information released on Twitter, so let's check out the coasters.

First up, TMNT Shellraiser is the name of the large Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, a near clone of Takabisha but with one difference - the drop after the vertical lift hill is one degree steeper than the Japanese ride.  I believe that means it will be 122.5 degrees, making it the steepest in the world.

There is another roller coaster, now known as The Shredder, that intertwines with TMNT Shellraiser at Nickelodeon Universe.  This is another Gerstlauer coaster, one of their spinning models, and features a totally unique layout.  The ride stands an impressive 85 feet tall, quite large for a spinning coaster.

We now know a bit more about one of the park's more mysterious coasters, a twisted and compact creation from Intamin to be called Sandy's Blasting Bronco (I'm assuming this is Sandy of SpongeBob fame).  The park shared a photo of the ride, which looks a lot like a big pretzel and will utilize LMS launches to get around the course.

Last but not least, the park's family coaster, created by Chance Rides, will be named Slime Streak.  This ride got some press at last Fall's IAAPA expo, but this is the first time I've seen a layout for the coaster.  It appears as though it will travel over much of the layout of Nickelodeon Universe.

Roller Coaster Database is also reporting that the park will open a Surfrider from Intamin, a half-pipe shuttle coaster, but I didn't see any mention of that in this presentation.  The American Dream is supposed to open in phases, starting this spring.  Happily, the Nickelodeon Universe theme park is said to be a part of the first phase.