Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tigris Towers Over Busch Gardens Tampa As Track + Supports are Completed

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Visitors are one step closer to being able to take a ride on Tigris, Busch Gardens Tampa's new-for-2019 roller coaster.  The theme park recently completed the ride's circuit, with the 150 foot high heartline roll being the last of the 863 feet of track to be installed.

The park finished up the construction during the evening hours, and shared these photos of the newly completed track lit brightly against the night sky.

© Busch Gardens Tampa
One of Premier Rides' Skyrocket II designs, Tigris will send riders on several launches to get the trains moving at more than 60 miles per hour and up to the top of the ride.  The slow heartline roll - which looks extra scary as it has no direct supports attached to it - takes place next, with riders staring down at the ground 150 feet below them.

The rest of the ride includes elements such as a non-inverting loop and a steep plunge with a 180 degree twist in the middle of it.  For more on Busch Gardens Tampa's Tigris, check out the park's official website.