Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cedar Point Experimenting with New May-June Season Pass/Resort Stay "Wild Card" Combo

© Cedar Point
Cedar Point had debuted a new hotel package that allows visitors to take advantage of purchasing a Wild Card pass that allows them unlimited entry to the park during May and June.  The catch is that visitors are only eligible to purchase the Wild Card pass if they stay at one of the property's resorts, so to a large degree this can be called a resort package with some really great park admission benefits.

Cedar Fair has been looking for ways to stir up early season attendance for some time now, with the issue popping up on nearly every earnings call.  It seems like Cedar Point has come up with a new short-term season pass that links directly with resort revenues, a win for both property revenue centers.

© Cedar Point
The package is available at all of Cedar Point's resorts:  Hotel Breakers, Lighthouse Point, the Express Hotel, and Castaway Bay.  (more details via this news article)  This will give those looking for a weekend away the benefits of staying on site, such as early entry to the parks, and then plenty of time to come back to visit again until June 30th.  The benefits that come with staying on property will only be valid while staying on property; those with the Wild Card will not have them when they return on subsequent visits.

In theory, if you stay at one of the hotels in May you'd have at least 5 or more weekends to visit the park for free - which I'm sure is exactly what the park is hoping for.  I'm curious to see if the program is a hit, and if any other parks with (or without!) accommodations try limited time passes such as the Wild Card.  The company has focused on special events thus far to move early season attendance, but perhaps a limited time pass is an option that will work even better!