Monday, February 25, 2019

New Dining Options + Signature Festival Opening at Cedar Point in 2019

Cedar Point already announced their largest addition for 2019, Forbidden Frontier, some months ago, but has revealed even more being added to the park this year.

The announcements coincide with the park's annual Winter Chill Out event, an off-season tour of the park for fans that benefits A Kid Again.  Each year the event raises tens of thousands of dollars for the organization, $60k this year alone, and the park usually offers some announcements to go with the backstage goodies.

New in 2019 is the park's signature special event, the Frontier Festival, which replaces and builds on the former Brew & BBQ event.  The "immersive Old West, sunflower-inspired street festival with local artisans, kids’ crafts and games, continuous live entertainment and wild food and drink to sample and savor" will run June 7th through June 30th from 4 pm to 10 pm.

The Frontier Festival's live entertainment includes the Bluegrass Jamboree and local bands on the Gossip Gulch Stage - plus line and square dancing lessons will be available at the Hubbub Hoedown.  Visitors can purchase tasting cards to try items such as "two-meat barbeque, baked beans, bison chili, pulled pork sliders, fire roasted chicken drums, smoked wings, toasted sunflower vinegar slaw, smoked brisket, wild strawberry shortcake, peaches & cream and more."

On top of the entertainment and tasty eats, there will be activities such as "the Flower Patch – an opportunity for kids to choose their own flower and decorate their own flowerpot; the Junkyard Jamboree – where guests can make their own music on antique metal items; and the daily Balloon Stampede – where kids can stomp on balloons for prizes."

Cedar Point also announced two major changes to the park's dining operations.  Those who participated in Winter Chill Out got a look at these changes, embedded above is one of many views of these projects that hit social media.  CP Food Blog posted this image of Hugo's Italian Kitchen, which will replace the Midway Market along the main midway.

© Cedar Point
Hugo's Italian Kitchen will offer "traditional Italian fare like hand-made pastas, fresh pizzas baked in a large open-flamed brick oven, chicken parmesan sandwiches, salads, meatball sandwiches and fresh desserts."

Also announced was the mystery project that is taking up the space formerly occupied by Witches' Wheel along the Gemini Midway.  An expansive new restaurant, named BackBeatQue, is currently under construction.

Blending live music and shokehouse barbeque, BackBeatQue will be a "new rock ‘n’ roll and Motown-inspired eatery will serve smoked brisket, rotisserie chicken, pork platters and fresh perch. Southern sides like okra, cornbread muffins and house-made mac & cheese will also be available."

The development will come with a large outdoor dining space where guests can eat, relax and enjoy the sounds of the BackBeat Quartet.

For more photos of all the new projects, as well as some awesome photos from backstage at Cedar Point, check out coverage from Pointbuzz, CP Food Blog, ThemeParkArchive, and the Sandusky Register.