Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Steel Curtain is Looking Massive at Kennywood!

© Kennywood
If you haven't been following Kennywood on social media, Twitter especially, then you've certainly been missing out on some awesome Steel Curtain construction photos the last few weeks.

Despite freezing temperatures and a passing snow storm or two, Kennywood has started the 'tall' phase of construction, with The Steel Curtain's tallest supports going up.  The park used smaller cranes to put up all of the lower portions of the ride earlier, and those completed sections can be seen in these photos.

© Kennywood
The park even went up to the top of the Racer to take some great photos of the new coaster.  This is certainly one of the most interesting coasters to go up in recent memory... so massive and different than most coasters lately.

© Kennywood
When finished The Steel Curtain will stand 220 feet above the park and feature 9 different inversions, two of which can be seen above, and a top speed of 76 miles per hour.  The ride will be the centerpiece of Steelers Country, a new themed area created from a partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers.