Tuesday, March 13, 2018

World's Tallest StarFlyer Ride Now Standing in Orlando

The Orlando area has another exiting attraction under development, the world's tallest StarFlyer - standing an impressive 450 feet tall.  The ride was constructed over the past week, and it was also just announced that it will open to the public on May 11th.

The StarFlyer is located in a development near the Orlando Eye ferris wheel named The Vue at 360.  The complex is being developed by Unicorp National Developments, and a building at the base of the ride will have several features like an ice cream shop.

Twitter user bioreconstruct has taken great care to cover all the latest projects in the Orlando area, and the StarFlyer has been no different.  These photos, which came from the user on Twitter, show the now standing ride towering over the landscape.  StarFlyer has a very nice decorative top piece, as seen here.  Be sure to browse more of bioreconstruct's tweets for more photos.

When it opens, the StarFlyer will take 22 riders up to around 400 feet in the air and swing them in circles at 60 miles per hour.  Needless to say the view from the top will be spectacular, considering the tower is 50 feet higher than the neighboring Orlando Eye.

This ride is also now taking the record for the tallest of its kind, at least when counting the decorative pieces at the top.  Similar tower rides at Six Flags parks have hit the 400 foot mark.