Thursday, March 8, 2018

Six Flags Mexico's Wonder Woman Coaster Nearly Complete

© Six Flags Mexico
We haven't heard much from Six Flags Mexico regarding their new Wonder Woman Coaster since it was announced at the end of last summer.  I suppose that's because it was just recently that the coaster started to be built at the park, and now as seen above it is nearly complete.

Wonder Woman Coaster will be the 7th S&S Free Spin coaster when it opens, joining five others at Six Flags parks in North America.  The ride's unique paint job, matching the Wonder Woman theme, can be seen above.  The ride's rails are a golden colors, with alternating red, white, and blue supports - and the red and blue supports form a large "W" if you look close enough.

Six Flags Mexico also posted this short video clip of the ride under construction, with only a few rails on the top layer of the ride still to be installed.  The lighting isn't the best, but it does show off the various dips and curves that the Wonder Woman Coaster offers riders.

The S&S Free Spin coasters stand 120 feet tall and feature individual cars that rotate riders' seats during the course to create multiple inversions.  This also means that no two rides are exactly the same due to the random nature of the cars interacting with powerful magnets along the ride path.

The Wonder Woman Coaster will be Six Flags Mexico's 9th when it opens at the park.