Friday, March 30, 2018

SeaWorld Entertainment Considering a Sesame Place Theme Park Adjacent to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

It is no secret that SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is looking for a place to open a second Sesame Place theme park, since it was formally announced nearly a year ago in May of 2017.  Things have been quiet since then as the company continues to sail through stormy seas, but now we have new information on where the second Sesame Place may be built.

CoasterRadio shared some images that were a part of a survey about the new park on Facebook, which is embedded above.  If you click through you can see some concept art for the park, along with exactly where it would be located.  More images of the entire survey pages can be viewed on ParkFans as well.  Note, however, that the survey makes it clear that they are feeling out guests to see if there is interest in the park and ticketing options, this is not an announcement that it will be built for sure.

© Google Maps
The new Sesame Place park would be located right next to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and share its main entry plaza.  It would take up one of the property's parking lots entirely, rerouting how their tram system currently works.

Interestingly, the new Sesame Place would carve off a part of Busch Gardens Williamsburg - the already Sesame themed Forest of Fun - and make it a part of the new park.  The new park would have three new themed areas as well, labeled in the survey as The Neighborhood, Central Park and Seaside.

The survey mentions six new rides being added, but concept art also shows several family-sized water slides and water park attractions, so I'm not clear if the six rides are just mechanical or if that includes the water attractions.  Either way, the new Sesame Place would certainly follow the lead of the Philadelphia location in mixing family water park with family ride park, along with live shows, a parade and the full sized Sesame Street proper.

Originally SeaWorld Entertainment said they planned to open the second Sesame Place park by "mid-2021," so if those plans haven't changed then we should see more development on this project soon!