Sunday, March 25, 2018

La Ronde Demolishing Cobra Intamin Stand-Up Coaster

© Google Maps
La Ronde has made it clear that its standing-but-not-operating Intamin designed stand-up roller coaster, Cobra, will never reopen to guests.  The park is in the midst of tearing down the ride, not dismantling it, but instead making it clear it will be heading to the scrap heap.

The ride didn't operating during the 2017 season, but it wasn't totally clear until now if the ride would open back up or not.  Cobra opened at La Ronde in 1995.

Instagram user Amusement Industry Review posted this photo showing Cobra coming down, and as I alluded to earlier they are not be gentle.  This removal still leaves La Ronde with 9 coasters, ranging from Goalith, a B&M near-hyper to Monstre, a dual track large wooden coaster.

Intamin's stand-up coaster design was duplicated a handful of times, but now Shockwave at Drayton Manor will be the only one operating (which has a unique layout).  Six Flags passed one around that lived at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags AstroWorld, and ended up collecting rust outside of Darien Lake for years.  La Ronde's originally opened at Skara Sommarland in Sweden.