Friday, March 23, 2018

Massive Intamin Launched Coaster Announced for Linnanmaki in 2019

Described by the amusement park as a "ride enthusiasts' dream," Finland's Linnanmaki has announced an all-new Intamin designed launched roller coaster for the park's 2019 season.  Named Taiga, the ride will be of considerable size and represent a massive investment by the park.

Along with the announcement, this concept art of Taiga was released:

© Linnanmaki
With bright blue track and black supports, Taiga will take advantage of elevation changes within the park to create a truly twisted layout.  So twisted that it's challenging to follow the ride's layout in this concept art, though with a careful eye you can be successful.

The ride will feature two launches, with a top speed of around 66 miles per hour.  The ride will start with a top hat element that stands 170 feet tall, according to the park, though I'm not sure if that's the ride height for the top hat, or the total elevation change due to the park's landscape.  Either way, the track will stretch 3,622 feet long which is quite considerable for a launched ride.  Mixed into the twisted elements are a total of four inversions.

Anssi Tamminen, Technical Director of Linnanmäki said that "it was an easy choice to select Intamin as our ride provider, since they had the most creative layout suggestion for our challenging terrain. We are truly satisfied with our biggest ride acquisition ever."
This will be an interesting ride to follow the construction of, and hopefully soon an animation of some sort will be released so we can really see all the details of Taiga.