Saturday, March 24, 2018

New Aerial Images of Sesame Place's Oscar's Wacky Taxi Show Nearly Finished Ride

© Sesame Place
Sesame Place has shared a few updated aerial photos of their brand new wooden family roller coaster, named Oscar's Wacky Taxi.  The ride is structurally complete from what I can tell, with major work continuing on the station area, queue and tunnel.

The top photo is a direct overhead view of the new coaster, which has been designed by The Gravity Group for Sesame Place.  Oscar's Wacky Taxi has been built in what used to be a VIP parking lot near the main entrance, and if you zoom in on this image you can see the twisty queue that has been created.  You can also see a new ride photo / retail location near the exit of the ride.

Themed to Oscar The Grouch, the coaster features metal supports painted green with traditional wood coaster track.  The trains will be themed as Taxis led by the Grouch himself.

© Sesame Place
Here's another view that Sesame Place shared, giving more of an angled look at the ride.  One thing that I'm happily surprised about is the fact that the coaster did not take up all the space that was the former parking area.  If you look at the larger image and focus on the area in the upper left, you'll see a large open space bordering the ride.  That makes me wonder if the coaster is just the start of a new themed area, as the space certainly looks large enough for a handful of family rides and attractions.  That's speculation on my part, but encouraging to say the least.

Sesame Place is still saying that Oscar's Wacky Taxi will open in late spring, though the park opens for the season on April 28th.

For more photos of the ride from recent press tours, check out this link.