Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Knott's Unveils HangTime's Trains During Construction Update + Testing Footage

© Knott's Berry Farm
I must say that it is nice that most parks who are building new roller coasters have made it pretty commonplace for construction tours to become almost a normal part of the process.  We've seen many of these this offseason, and Knott's Berry Farm just had one for HangTime, the park's new custom designed Gerstlauer Infinity dive coaster.

Granted I'm on the other side of the country so I wasn't in attendance, but there's plenty of other great sites covering the ride's development.  Above is a photo of one of HangTime's trains, which were revealed for the first time on the tour.  Featuring only lap bar restraints, the trains feature bright colors and surf theming such as headrests that look like the top of classic surf boards.

The folks on the tour were also lucky to get to see some HangTime test runs, the first I've seen up close video of the ride operating.  Theme Park Insider shared this video of one of the runs.  You'll want to take notice to how long the train slows and hangs at the top of the 150 foot lift, and imagine the air-time that will result on the beyond-vertical first drop.  The pacing of the ride, which is still breaking in, looks to take advantage of the over-sized inversions and elements, giving hang-time (pun intended) in each!

For more of the construction site and also a great look at the mechanics of HangTime's cars, check out this update from California Coaster Kings.