Thursday, August 3, 2017

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Announces New Wonder Woman Themed RMC Single Rail Coaster for 2018

In a surprise announcement today, Six Flags Fiesta Texas revealed their plans to build the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, described as the world's first single-rail roller coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC).

The coaster will open in 2018 on the site of the park's shoot-the-chutes ride, which is being removed to make room for the coaster.  Much anticipation has gone into seeing which park(s) would be the first to announce a RMC Raptor design, which is what the company is calling their coaster of this style. The ride's three trains will each have eight cars, with each car seating one rider.

The ride's track is only 15.5 inches wide, and requires less supports than most coasters, which gives Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster a unique look:

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Featuring bright yellow single-rail track and equally bright red supports, the coaster is sure to attraction attention.  It starts with a 113 foot tall lift, then a quick 180 degree turn into a 100 foot long, 90 degree first drop.  The ride's top speed will be 52 miles per hour.

The first element is a large dive loop that dives down toward the pond that will be under much of the ride, left over from the shoot-the-chutes.  Then the trains navigate a large S-curve hill, a curving upward climb and then an s-curve section.  Diving down once more, riders fly through several twists, two more inversions (called a 180-degree stall and a zero-g roll) along with several curves and airtime hills.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
To help increase capacity on the coaster the park has announced that it will feature a moving loading station platform.  The ride will feature theming that is obviously centered around Wonder Woman and her story, featuring "tropical landscaping, Greek architecture, and even Steve Trevor’s crashed plane."

In addition to the ride's official announcement, Six Flags Fiesta Texas gave an exclusive story to U.S.A. Today, in which they talk more about how open and free the trains will be (the concept video shows over the should strap-like restraints) and smooth the ride will be.

We also have a concept video that the park released, showing off the ride in action.  Make sure to check it out embedded below.