Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hersheypark Announces Multiple Attractions for The Boardwalk in 2018

© Hersheypark
Today was the big reveal for Hersheypark, which announced the addition of two large new water slide attractions for The Boardwalk in 2018.  One of the additions, Whitecap Racer, will be a giant mat racing slide and the other, Breakers Edge Water Coaster, a high-tech water thrill coaster.

As depicted in the concept art above, both new attractions will sit in the back of The Boardwalk, utilizing some previously undeveloped space along with some ground formerly occupied by Roller Soaker.  The additions are planned to open on Memorial Day weekend, 2018.

© Hersheypark
The most thrilling of the two additions is the Breakers Edge Water Coaster, which uses hydro-magnetic technology to blast rafts both downhill and uphill, much like a traditional roller coaster.  The park says that the water coaster will be the first of its kind in the world with flying saucer turns, seen above.

The ride will utilize the former loading station of Roller Soaker, and carry about 600 passengers per hour through a one minute and thirty second ride.  Breakers Edge Water Coaster will feature purple and blue slide sections, with bright green accents.

© Hersheypark
Whitecap Racer will be The Boardwalk's second new attraction, a giant set of mat racing slides that tower 70 feet over the park.  The attraction features six separate lanes for guests to race down, and two different sets of horizontal loops that each lane slides through.  The attraction will be the longest of its kind in the world when it opens, according to Hersheypark.

Both new additions are being provided by ProSlide Technology, and both have a 42 inch height requirement.

For more on the expansion, check out Hersheypark's page along with the video below.