Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dorney Park Haunt X Pre-Season Update

We are still about 5 weeks away from the start of Halloween Haunt X at Dorney Park, but the park is already working hard on setting up for the event.  While no formal announcements have been made yet, it appears as though we may be getting up to three new attractions this year, which is pretty exciting!

The first of which is actually a former attraction, Club Blood.  The park has put up the sign seen up top near the arcade building, which has housed Chamber of Horrors (wax museum theme) for the past three Haunts.  That would lead me to believe that Chamber of Horrors might be done, with Club Blood ("Under New Management") making a return.  I'm curious who the "new" management is, though!

Club Blood was a long running haunt (2008 through 2011), located in the building behind White Water Landing.  It was replaced by Desolation, which in turn was replaced by Blood on the Bayou last year.

Age of Darkness is already under construction, showing that it will return again for Haunt X.  The walls for the scare zone/maze hybrid attraction are already going up in the area near Thunderhawk, but still only in backstage areas.  You can see the dragon that the park created if you look above the bordering fence.

One haunt that is definitely new this year is replacing the Mansion House Hotel, which ran from 2010 through 2016.  We've seen a giant facade going up all season long, and it now looks like it is in the final stages of construction.  I must say that some of the architecture the park has used is reminding me of how some row homes in San Francisco look.  Who knows if that turns out to be a true hint, or if I'm just reaching.

Either way there's definitely a new indoor maze going up behind those walls, the theme for which is still a mystery.

Our last clue to a returning haunted attraction is this campsite that's been set up next to Revolution.  The sign says "Welcome Back Campers" with the name Camp Cudie next to it.  That was the name of the camp setting for Backwoods, which ran in the forest behind Steel Force's station before the dinosaurs moved in.

I'm interested to see if that's where this maze will return, as it was one of my all time favorites the park has done.  One could also speculate that it would take over the field directly behind the tent in the photo, but (I didn't get a photo) they've already started setup for Grave Walkers again this year.

The return of at least two former attractions could be in honor of the 10th anniversary of Haunt at the park.  Stay tuned for more as we get closer to Haunt season!