Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Six Flags America 2018: Hints of Ride Removals But What is New?

We're getting closer to the big reveal of all of Six Flags' new attractions for 2018, just two more days to wait! Six Flags America has been celebrating whatever news they have to share by posting several tweets about possible removals at the park.  It started with the grim reaper showing up at the park, noting that both change is in the air and that when he appears something must disappear forever!

The next tweet, seen above, shows the grim reaper at the entrance to the Penguin's Blizzard River, a family style spinning raft ride that was added back in 2003.  It is a part of the Gotham City themed area of the park.

Then, in the next tweet, the park showed the grim reaper in front of the entrance sign to Gotham City itself, hinting that the entire land may go away?   Since it contains some of the park's blockbuster attractions, obviously it won't be leveled... but could we see a total retheme? With rides themed to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Joker, perhaps a DC Comics themed area makes more sense?

Next up we saw the grim reaper moved into Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags America's water park. Aside from looking rather creepy, you'll notice that the entrance sign for ZoomAzon Falls can be seen in the background.  These are some of the water park's oldest water slides, and have a slightly awkward location within the park, set off by themselves in the trees.  Could they be removed next year?

Finally, the park has completed the series of hints with this latest post, this time in front of Castaway Creek in Hurricane Harbor.  Castaway Creek is the park's lazy river, which would be odd to remove however it does take up a considerable amount of space that could be redeveloped. With two possible removals in both the theme and water parks, there's plenty of questions still remaining.

Plus - with these removal hints we haven't seen any other hints about what will replace them... so we still have that to find out about as well!  The park promises that all will be revealed on the 31st when they make their big announcement.