Saturday, August 5, 2017

Silver Dollar City's 2018 Coaster's Surprising First Element Installed

Getting closer to the big reveal, Silver Dollar City is continuing to pump out new teasers for their 2018 new coaster.  The one embedded above is one of the latest, featuring a quote from Jules Verne with part of what looks like a flying contraption under it, along with plenty of gears in the background.  Another teaser recently shared asks fans "what can fly without wings?"  It certainly seems that the ride will have an elaborate theme and back story, in addition to some thrilling elements.

Speaking of those, the track for a vertical, or nearly vertical, plunge directly out of the ride's station was just installed toward the end of the week.  Check out this video:

Even with the park's thick tree cover obscuring the entire drop, it's obvious that this new coaster is going to have one heck of a start.  Previous aerial photos showed that at the base of what would be this drop is an area that's being reinforced with large retaining wall blocks.  Perhaps there will be some sort of theming element at the base of this super steep drop?

Can't wait until August 16th to find out!  Keep tabs on the park's website until then, it seems that a bit more has been added to it, though I'm not sure if it's a clue or just slick web design.