Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - What's New At Skyline Attractions

Skyline Attractions has unveiled a brand new thrill ride, named Skywarp, that packs a lot of punch in a small space.  The 60-foot tall continuous track ride has two separate trains that are powered around the butterfly shaped track, which is 360 feet in length.

According to Skyline Attractions, "the dual-loop ride cleverly produces a dueling near-miss element that brings riders tantalizingly close to one another by using a single train with passengers at each end. The technique effectively creates simultaneous two-train operation without a costly PLC that relies on block logic and maintenance-intensive sensors. Thrill-seekers 48 inches and taller, seated facing each other, twist sideways and upside-down as they accelerate through twin Immelmann inversions."

Because Skywarp has two trains, it is able to seat 32 passengers per ride cycle, for a total of approximately 800 riders per hour.

Skywarp is an American-made ride that can serve as a major attraction for a park in the neighborhood of $2 million.  It can be installed with either a permanent foundation or a semi-permanent one, and the tire drives could be replaced with LIMs if desired.  For more on Skywarp, check out the ride's website.