Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - The Next New Things From Trio Tech

All the text is unedited press releases

Why is the Triotech crew dressed as Ghostbusters, watch the video!  

TRIOTECH launches unique “The Flyer™” attraction at IAAPA 2016

TRIOTECH announces that it has developed a first of its kind attraction for the
rapidly growing “Flying experience” rides segment.

THE FLYER™’s five unique features such as 3D content in both CGI and live
footage, a wider motion range, and seat-based motion instead of platform-based
motion are unique. In addition, the attraction can be scaled to different sizes and
throughput, with the corresponding impact on space and investment
requirements. This feature is what TRIOTECH calls “Scale-ability” and this fills a
void in today’s market.

“THE FLYER ™ will be a truly unique experience”, said Ernest Yale, President
and CEO of TRIOTECH. “The five unique elements will create an amazing guest
experience. For instance the fact that our solution is seat-based is very
important. It allows every guest to live the same experience and is an important
operational and maintenance advantage. ”

Mr. Eric Marradi, Creative Director also commented: “The unique ability to mix
both intense and smooth motion as well as CGI with live footage will be a
tremendous story telling tool. For instance you can imagine an experience flying
over a mountain range that would be very beautiful and contemplative. Now
imagine the same experience but suddenly there is a storm coming in and that’s
where the intense motion will help deliver the thrill factor.”

“The concept of a scalable attraction is very important. Not every operator can
support the same level of investment or has the same space available. TRIOTECH’s 
solution can deliver the same guest experience at several pricepoints” stated Mr. Gabi 
Salabi, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

TRIOTECH’s first two deployments will be in the USA and China, both to be
operational in 2017.

TRIOTECH teams up with AMC to bring Fear the Walking Dead attraction to
Las Vegas NV

TRIOTECH announces that it will deploy Fear the Walking Dead – The
Experience on world famous Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV, USA. The mediabased
interactive walkthrough attraction will be entirely developed by TRIOTECH
in cooperation with AMC and will be the first ever to be based on the network’s
hit series, “Fear the Walking Dead”. Target opening date is Summer 2017.

“AMC has built an amazing intellectual property and we are very excited to have
the opportunity to work with the Fear the Walking Dead brand”, said Ernest Yale,
President and CEO of TRIOTECH. Mr. Yale further stated: “This walkthrough
attraction will really be a first of its kind”.

In Fear the Walking Dead – The Experience, guests will live a complete
immersive experience that will begin immediately as they come in the entrance.
In fact, it aims to be an extension of the “Fear the Walking Dead” brand by
putting guests in similar situations that the television show’s characters live.

TRIOTECH teams up with Heide Park and Merlin Entertainments to develop
Ghostbusters media-based dark ride

TRIOTECH announces that it has been selected to design, manufacture and
commission Ghostbusters 5D – the ultimate ghost hunt, a new family adventure
coming in 2017 at Heide Park Resort in Soltau, Germany. The attraction will be a
media-based interactive dark ride and will be Germany’s first interactive
Ghostbusters attraction.

The 5D dark ride will be developed in cooperation with Sony Pictures Consumer
Products Inc., Merlin Entertainments, and TRIOTECH and will be based on the
world famous Ghostbusters franchise movies.

“We are extremely proud to work with Heide Park’s team on what is for
TRIOTECH another major project with the team at Merlin Entertainments”, said
Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH. Mr. Yale further stated: “It goes
without saying that we are thrilled to work on Ghostbusters, an iconic
international intellectual property that needs no introduction”.

In Ghostbusters 5D – the ultimate ghost hunt, fearless ghost hunters aged six
years and older will experience a unique adventure of the fifth dimension with
numerous special effects. Their aim is to rescue Heide Park from ghosts.
Equipped with laser proton pistols, a ghost trap and 3D glasses they take a ride
in ECTO-1 through a spooky warehouse and fight in teams of eight alongside the
Ghostbusters against flying slime ghosts. All senses will be needed, because
ghosts suddenly appear and are sometimes only audible.

So now you know the answer to the first question. Wasn't that fun?