Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pandora - The World of Avatar, Star Wars Land + More News from Disney World

© Disney
Today Disney Parks made a series of announcements that gave fans a closer look at some of the larger developments currently underway at the Disney World resort.

First, it was announced that Pandora - The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom will open in the Summer of 2017.  Under construction for several years now, the land has made major progress with floating islands already in the sky above the park.

The above photo is of the just revealed entrance bridge to the themed area.  The Disney Park's Blog explains the story behind the look of the bridge, which fits in with the overall theme of the new land.

© Disney
Digging a bit deeper into Pandora - The World of Avatar, several new concept art images of food and retail buildings inside the land were released today.

Above is a look at the main dining location, Satu'l Canteen, which features Na'vi "art and cultural" items as decorations.  Other images show Windtraders, a large gift shop, and an outdoor drink location named Pongu Pongu.

© Disney
This concept art of the Star Wars themed land that is being built at Disney's Hollywood Studios was also released today, showing the land at night once the sun goes down.  It was also announced that a new "adventure" will be added to Star Tours - The Adventures Continue, to feature content from the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII.

On a last note, it was also mentioned at a fan event today that Imagineering has been tasked with dreaming big for upcoming plans for Epcot - sounds good to me!