Sunday, November 13, 2016

Premier Rides Nabs Major Ride Contract for Wanda Group

Just in time for this week's IAAPA Trade Show, Premier Rides has sent out a release announcing that they have been awarded a "major contract to design and build one of the most cutting-edge attractions ever to be introduced to the theme park industry."  The contract is with the Wanda Group of China, developer of a great number of Chinese theme parks.  The new attraction will set a "new standard for technical innovation" when it opens, according to Premier Rides.
Regarding the news, Jim Seay, President of Premier Rides, noted that they “are honored to be part of Wanda’s team which is absolutely focused on providing the newest and most exciting rides to the entertainment industry.  The contract with Wanda is one of the largest ever for Premier Rides and we are very grateful for the trust placed in us.  The themed entertainment business is very strong right now and Premier is in a growth phase to meet the industry needs.  We are highly focused on the Asian market as its expansion continues to lead the industry and it has become the focus for the best the industry can imagine.”

Now, you may be asking what the ride will do, but for now that's a closely guarded secret between Premier Rides and the Wanda Group.  However, we do know that the "first-of-its-kind" ride it isn't a small project, seeing that it is the "most significant investment to date by Wanda on a single attraction."  I think we're looking at something considerably larger than a roller coaster here... but then again maybe it is a coaster but just one with a ton of technical advances?  Time will tell!