Friday, November 25, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - Huge News for Dutch Wonderland

It's very rare when a small park makes a big announcement, but when a kiddie park announces the inaugural installation of the new family inverted roller coaster it's huge. The very first  family inverted roller coaster from S & S -Sansei will open next year at Dutch Wonderland.

Merlin's Mayhem will be roaring around the ski lift and train, hopefully on opening day 2017. Featuring a good storyline about Mayhem, Merlin's friendly dragon, can't help getting himself into all sorts of predicaments as he learns to control his "fire-breathing" skills and learns to fly.

Doesn't that look like fun? In this day and age, many parks have to remove a classic attraction to add something new, but not at Dutch Wonderland. The Sunoco Turnpike attraction was just relocated to make room for Merlin's Mayhem, so there will be more to do at the park next year.

Joe, from Ride Centerline, talked about his background and how he worked with Dutch Wonderland to integrate their requirements into the new ride and how guests will interact with existing attractions while riding the coaster. it sounds like a tough job to satisfy all the requirements.

Remember this is the first installation of its kind, so we received more information from Matt, of S &S -Sansei about all the different consideration they worked through while designing this new train. We wouldn't usually post this video due to the camera focus malfunctioning, but we consider the educational benefit worthwhile as you listen to the discussion. They really put a lot of work into designing this new train.

Congratulations to both Dutch Wonderland, Ride Centerline, and S & S - Sansei Technologies for this outstanding new project.