Thursday, November 24, 2016

Casino Pier Releases New Details of 2017 Euro-Fighter Roller Coaster

© Casino Pier
Casino Pier has already taken delivery of all the parts of a new roller coaster, but has kept many of the ride's details quiet until now.  Sporting lime green track and brilliant blue supports, the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter (final name to be released later) will be located on a currently under construction expansion of the seaside amusement park's pier.

The announcement of the ride's specifics came via this video:

The video shows other example Euro-Fighter roller coaster footage, but gives all the important statistics for us:

• 72 foot tall vertical lift hill
• Beyond-vertical first drop at 97 degrees
• Top speed of 45 miles per hour
• Track length of 1,050 feet
• 3 Inversions - Vertical Loop, Heartline Roll, Immelmann Turn

The only real photo of the ride's layout can be seen in the just-released concept art at the top of this story.  That looks a bit like other Euro-Fighter's we've seen, including Untamed at Canobie Lake Park and Rage at Adventure Island - both Euro-Fighter 320+ models.

© Gerstlauer
This is the layout of the 320+ model, who's statistics match the new ride's with one exception, and that's track length.  The 320+ has 1,185 feet of track, with Casino Pier's ride coming in at 1,050.  Looking at that concept art I wonder if they're removing the final helix to make the ride fit better in a limited space?  Makes sense to me.  Either way, it's great to see another of these rides opening in the U.S.!