Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Minions Invade Universal Studios Japan in 2017

© Universal Studios Japan
Set to open within the first half of 2017 at Universal Studios Japan is Minion Park, the "world's largest Minion" themed area - packed full of the antics of the characters of the Despicable Me film franchise.

Minion Park will offer visitors several "themed facilities, including a toy store, sweets factory and hotel."  All of the new locations will have been fully taken over by the lovable Minions, who seem to cause a bit of trouble wherever they go.  The new land, seen above in concept art, features other notable structures such as Gru's House, all centered around a central park area.

The star attraction of the new area will be Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, a new simulator ride that replaces the Back to the Future building.  The ride, already popular at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood, sends guests on a wild 3-D adventure into the Despicable Me world.  After entering through Gru's House and entering his laboratory, riders become a part of his latest plan for world domination and actually become one of his minions.  The ride vehicles then take flight, flying off on a hilarious journey that features "realistic sensations along with a series of unexpected surprises."  The attraction features a giant dome screen standing over 65 feet tall along with a "state-of-the-art high definition laser-projection system."

While not detailed in the press release for the Minion Park expansion, the existing rides also feature a fun Minion dance party when the ride is over - hopefully to be included in Japan as well!