Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dollywood Announces New Rides, Events for Theme Park's 2017 Season

© Dollywood
More new fun is on the way for Dollywood's 2017 season, with the addition of two new rides, one show and a major addition to the already popular Harvest Festival.

The largest ride addition is named Drop Line, which will be a 200 foot tall free fall ride.  Located in the Timber Canyon themed area, Drop Line looks to be located in the former home of Timber Tower.  Riders will be slowly lifted to nearly 20 stores above the park and then plunged down to the ground at a fast speed.  No manufacturer for the new ride was named in the press release.

Also being added to the Timber Canyon section of the theme park is Whistle Punk Chaser, a new family roller coaster.  The coaster is meant to allow younger riders to get acquainted with their feet wet before taking on the park's larger rides.  No details on the exact type of coaster or manufacturer are available yet.

Coming next fall to the Harvest Festival is Great! Pumpkin LumiNights, a nighttime event that "immerses families in fabulous fall pumpkin illumination."  It will also feature a new pumpkin trail with spectacular pumpkin displays that "glow with the fire of fall."  During Spring a new show will debut, name enra, a Tokyo-based dance group that was featured on America's Got Talent.  Described as a "high-energy multi-media dance, light and video fusion show," interactive video and lights will be combined with talented performers to create a unique, cutting-edge experience for guests.

In celebration of all these additions, including the new TailSpin racer at Dollywood's Splash County, Dolly has declared 2017 "the year of the family" for the Dollywood Resort.  The expansions are a part of the $300 million capital plan that was announced for the resort in 2013.