Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Gravity Group Debuts New Website

Wooden roller coaster fans will have fun exploring the all-new website that has been debuted by The Gravity Group.  The company decided it was time for an updated web presence - and just in time for this year's IAAPA trade show - with nice results.

© The Gravity Group
Naturally the website covers the services that the company offers, both wooden roller coaster design (with inversions!) as well as their supporting coaster train company, GravityKraft.  But for those not actually able to order and build a new wooden coaster, it also has a nice catalogue of all the wooden roller coasters that they have created to date.  This is the section that coaster fans will really appreciate, as each project features plenty of photographs, layouts, statistics, videos and more.

© The Gravity Group
The site also lets us explore and really get to know the handful of coasters that The Gravity Group has designed for parks in China - like Jungle Trailblazer at Fantawild Oriental Heritage seen above.  There are actually four Gravity Group coasters in China named Jungle Trailblazer, so the clarity on each of the projects is much appreciated, at least by me!

Why not click over and do some exploring on the new site?