Friday, October 28, 2016

The Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers Has the Blues

© Baynum Painting
Morey's Piers is starting to reveal more of the changes going into the park's 1995 Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, The Great Nor'Easter, for Summer 2017.  Before the winter months really set in the seaside park has been busy giving the ride a new look, with the help of Baynum Painting.

Baynum has shared a trio of photos (one of which is above), showing the colors of the supports for the refurbished coaster.  However, don't judge too much off of this photo, because it turns out that the coaster will have many different shades of blue on its support structure.

© Morey's Piers
This update photo, which was released by Morey's, paints (pun intended) a better picture of how the ride will look next year.  You can see that the supports go from lighter shades of blue on the left of the photo to darker ones on the right.  The lift hill supports are still white, too, so that may be a different pattern when complete.

Since most of the track on the coaster is being replaced, I'm not quite sure if white is the final track color - though I'm thinking it is.  Actually, since there is a crane on site already and I've seen other photos of track on the ground, I'm also not really sure if this photo is showing new or old track.

Either way, the ride will have a nice look for 2017, and one that fits in well with the ocean just beside it!