Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ghostbusters 5-D Opening at Heide Park in 2017

© Heide Park Resort
An all-new interactive dark ride attraction named Ghostbusters 5-D will open at the Heide Park Resort in 2017, it has announced.  The German theme park will be one of the first to offer an interactive attraction based on the Ghostbusters franchise, and is excited to bring the new ride to park visitors.

Riders will be equipped with Laser Proton guns as they board the ride 8 passenger ride vehicles and set out on a quest to help save the park from some not-so-nice ghosts including the infamous Slimer.  The dark ride will take place within a haunted warehouse building, and riders (moving in a vehicle themed as Ecto-1) will also be quipped with a ghost trap and 3-D glasses.  I'm not sure from the press release if riders will gain points for the ghosts they blast, but that might be a safe bet based on the popularity of that being added to dark rides these days.

The Ghostbusters franchise should prove popular for the park; and being that they are a part of Merlin Entertainments, it is possible that we could see other similar rides pop up in the future.