Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - A Mystic Timbers Update

The work continues on Mystic Timbers, coming in Spring 2017!

Great Coaster International is making quick progress while the weather is good. Here the coaster will cross over the train track. 

 Here is a closer shot of the coaster "overpass." 

 Much care has been taken to save as many of the trees as possible, similar to the  way the Beast was routed around some particularly appealing small hardwood groves. 

Here is a field of footers and you can see where the structure stopped on on 9/23/2016. 

Some pre-assembled pieces that will be joined together for the risers. Check out the angle on the turn below:

This nice swooping turn, a common characteristic of GCI rides, drops riders right next to the new path to Whitewater Landing. The raft ride is closed for the season due to the construction. 

This is a wider shot from the path to  Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror, located in the old Tomb Raider building.  Mystic Timbers is coming together nicely and we can hardly wait until Spring!