Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kings Dominion Confirms Hurler Replacement for 2018

Many fans of Kings Dominion have been wondering what will happen with Hurler, one of the park's wooden roller coasters, which closed at the end of the 2015 season.  Many expected news on the ride's future with the park's 2017 capital announcement, however that didn't happen.  But now we know that Hurler will not ever be returning, at least in its current form, via this video the park shared on social media.

The video makes it pretty clear that Hurler's time at the park ended in 2015, even showing one of the coaster's trains alongside its grave (marked 1994-2015).  The video then goes on to wish that the ride rests in piece... but then the words "for now" and the year 2018 come up.

The park had teased a possible conversion of the ride in the past when it sounded like it would be done in 2017... and of course the involvement of Rocky Mountain Construction and their steel track was on everyone's mind.

Next year's Planet Snoopy expansion is fairly small project all things considered, perhaps the park is saving up their capital expansion pennies for a big new coaster in 2018?  Sure seems that way.  Stay tuned!