Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly Rewind 1.3.10

Seems the Knott family is Knott very happy about the sale of Cedar Fair to Apollo Management. When Cedar Fair purchased the park the family received about 2 million units of Cedar Fair. The buyout would formally cut all ties the Knott family has the park and they're not sure whether to vote for or against the sale.

Aqua Loops are certainly looking to be one of the hottest water park attractions of 2010. Another set is being installed at Wet'n'Wild Australia. This article claims that their version will have 4 loops - I'm guessing a big clover leaf shaped complex for added capacity. Awesome!

Legoland California had a fantastic 2009, coming off a very strong 2008 season. And the expansion continues, talk of a hotel is brewing and they're getting ready to announce the world's first Lego themed water park soon.

Heading over the pond we find that Alton Towers appears to be retheming their Spinball Whizzer coaster into a Sonic themed attraction. New paint is already on the ride, which can be seen here. The park hasn't fully disclosed the new name, but it's said that 2010 brochures are out and are calling it Sonic Spinball.

Speak French and looking for an update for the Monster, the Raptor clone being moved from Japan to Walygator Parc? Well, I think it may be a bit outdated at this point, but check out this video on YouTube nonetheless.

Coaster101 is holding the Attraction Awards for the recently ended decade - and you can nominate your favorites now. Just click on over to their site and get thinking. I've got a lot of possibilities for the "Epic Fail" category!

I still feel like I may be the only one interested in the 2010 Expo in China, but in case anyone else here I found an interesting article detailing the efforts that went into raising the cash to build the American pavilion. You can check that out here.