Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Rewind 1.30.10

Fans looking for more information on the expansion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Florida should be sure to check out this large photo of a model of the addition. There have been some changes since the original artwork was released, perhaps for the better.

It was not just the Great Wolf Lodge next to Kings Island that's adding a Proslide Tantrum for 2010, but also the lodges located in the Poconos, PA, and also Kansas City. The three slides will all be unique, too, no clones here. Check out the Poconos and Kansas City Great Wolf Lodges for more info.

Alterface, the company that has come up with such creations as the Desperados shoot'em up games, and the The House "5-D" attraction (located as Castle of Chaos in Branson, MO) is now offering an Interactive Theater in a Box. Meant for smaller locations, the interactive simulator/shooting attraction is something that looks like great fun. I hope they start popping up everywhere soon!

California's Great America is retracking some of the Grizzly wooden coaster, and they've posted some photos to their Facebook account showing the process underway. Check it out here.

It's looking like the reborn amusement park at Coney Island will be named Luna Park. It's been said that Zamperla's idea for the park was what got them the contract, so perhaps going full out on a beautiful Luna Park recreation was that idea? I hope, I hope!

The famous Zippin Pippin, known for being Elvis' favorite coaster, is finally being demolished. Libertyland was closed in 1995, and the coaster has sat idle since. Most of the park around the ride has been removed, but the Pippin is one of the last items to be removed.

The return of King Kong to Universal Studios Hollywood has many fans excited. After the 30 ft. animatronic one burned in the fire that sweeped the backlot in 2008, the park quickly started plans to bring him back in a more modern digital formal. Long live the Kong!

Kennywood recently started receiving some pieces of their new Sky Rocket roller coaster. Looks like the construction of this one is a tad behind schedule, seeing as track is just arriving at the end of January, but hopefully the ride will be up and running for this summer.

Finally this week we have to mention the mess that has become the Cedar Fair sale to Apollo. Some new investor is quickly buying up as much units of the company as the can, and are quickly approaching owning 20% of the company. What is their plan, though? Aside from publicly going against the sale to Apollo, who knows. I just hope the parks come out of all this okay.