Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dorney Park 1990 Map Part 2

Here is the second half of that cool 1990 Dorney Park souvenir map. Plenty to see on this one, too:

• Groves all over! Lots of picnic groves still existed down around Thunderhawk, and where Steel Force's station now is.
• More defunct rides than you can shake a stick at - the old tower from the Rocket swings is standing, along with the Sky Ride and Laser.
• The Care Bear theater was still being used, with a Care Bear shop located right next door.
• Thrills Unlimited was still next to Wildwater, with it's Tank and Boat Tag, Indy Racers, and Mini Golf.
• The water park's old speed slides, along with the Torpedo Tubes were still in operation. (and the tons of slides added since are missing!)
• Half of the wave pool was still being reserved for boogie boards, going back to when the park hosted surfing competitions there.


Unknown said...

Laser was spelled Lazer on the map. I think I still have s shirt wuth that spelling. Also, the Little Laser isn't pictured. I know they had akiddie coaster over near where TCM is at one time. Did they store it & bring it back later or did they get a new one? Any idea on a date?. Oh, and anyone remember the single body slide on the torpedo tubes? I rode it one time it was open & it was extremely intense.