Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Vekoma 1995

No, this post has nothing to do with Halloween... though from this 1995 Vekoma advertisement you very well may think it does.

Vekoma took a bold approach in advertising their new Invertigo coaster design when they were shopping it to the greater amusement market. The ad promises that a complete marketing package was on the way, and eventually the first of these rides debuted at Liseberg in 1997. That ride was actually delayed a year, according to its entry on rcdb.

After that, well, the ride didn't seem to sell nearly as well as it's regular non-inverted Boomerang sister, which is still being added to parks today. Paramount picked up two of the rides for Kings Island and Great America, Six Flags America added one, and that's it!

The rides have since been removed from Liseberg and Six Flags America, with only the former Liseberg ride currently operating again.

Maybe that face in the ad was just too scary?