Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Zamperla 1996

"Machine and Art" - this is a very nice slogan for Zamperla Rides, which has long been known for offering up some wild rides but also doing a great job with custom theming on them as well. Back when this ad ran the company was pushing two of their large flat rides, the Mixer and the RotoShake.

I've been on a Mixer, but never had the opportunity to take a spin on a RotoShake, though I fear it would make me a little green... and not with envy. Knott's bought two RotoShakes back in the day, and I think the one at Mall of America is still the only one operating in America.

As for the Mixers, well, those seem to have popped up at parks and then were slowly removed as well. Not sure if there are any left operating in the U.S., I know Knoebels and Adventureland had them but those are both long gone. Seems the popularity of both of these rides never took off quite as expected.


Unknown said...

I rode the RotoShake once at Six Flags America. Was fun, wish they still had it. Gillian's pier in Ocean City, NJ still had a Mixer until 2007. Not sure they still have it, not listed on their site.

BnM Lover said...

The Rotoshake at SFA was rumored to have been removed due to maintenance nightmares. I had personally seen the "Iron Eagle" as the ride was called get stuck on two different times upside down at the top. Not cool. Awesome ride concept though.