Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dorney Park 1990 Map Part 1

Here's the first part of a great 1990 Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Souvenir map. (parks - please start making these again!) I left the image real large, so be warned before you click.

There's really a lot to see on here, and it's quite amazing how much the park has changed.

• The South parking lot still exists, located where the main midway and Talon currently are.
• There are still groves (silver and blue) located where half of Camp Snoopy currently is.
• The area where White Water Landing is now is totally different; Tank and Boat Tag are there, along with the Joker, Tomcat, and the Stargazer Theater.
• Hercules! And tucked next to it is some mini-golf, remote control boats and cars, and another grove.
• The Meteorite still stands, along with the puppet show stage.
Thunderhawk's station building is still up, with the bumper cars in it. Journey to the Center of the Earth is just called "The Journey" on this map.
• The Scrambler and Wave Swinger are both in different homes than their current locations.
• Water Scooters are still chugging along the lower stream, the lower games building and 'cove' of games are also still there.

2nd part soon, which features Wildwater Kingdom and more of Dorney!


dwitos079 said...

Have you ever seen a POV video from hercules when it was new? It seems like the early life of this coaster has been like forgotten. I really would like to see a POV from back then.

Unknown said...

Also, the Krazy Kars are the former actual bumper car ride, Disco Dodge. How I miss that. Head od collisions in a bumper car. Ouch!!

NewsPlusNotes said...

Nope, I've never seen a POV of Hercules from before it was hacked... I'd also love to.