Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Dipper Saga Continues

It's been silent over at the former location of Geauga Lake for some time now, but once again the Big Dipper coaster is up for sale. A site called Midway Marketplace has the ride listed for $150,000.

I didn't see it on any other of the big used ride sites, so perhaps the owner is taking a different approach in unloading the classic John Miller wooden coaster. I actually haven't followed who ever owns the ride at this time, as that story got quite twisted as well.

It's great to see the ride openly for sale once again, though I fear there won't really be any bidders. Certainly the next chapter in this already long story, though.

Edit: The owner of the site that has the listing for the ride is also reporting that the owners of the land are again open to selling a smaller portion of the area that includes the Big Dipper for possible redevelopment. This reopens the door for a smaller amusement area or mixed use entertainment complex to include the Dipper in their plans.