Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The United States Officially Joins Expo 2010

The United States has finally confirmed that they will participate in the 2010 World Expo being held in Shanghai, China saying that our Pavilion will be completed "on time and on budget." Unable to use Government funds per American law, about half of the estimated $61 million needed to build the American Pavilion has already been raised.

The World Expo is expected to attraction some 70 million people during it's run, and currently has 240 countries signed up to participate. America's Pavilion will be located across from China's on the central corridor of the Expo.

The theme of the American Pavilion will be "Celebration 2030, in which a guided tour led by an American Chinese will allow the visitors to experience the space of future and personally feel the US cities in year 2030."

On another note, I was looking at some of the Pavilion designs from different countries and check out the Switzerland one:

Its going to have a chair lift system like those that can be found on the Alps start inside the Pavilion and go up and onto the roof for a nice little ride! Neat.