Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Disney's California Adventure Site & Info

Disney Parks just launched a wonderful new website that allows visitors to learn about and follow the progress of all the changes they are making at their Disney's California Adventure theme park.

The site is stuffed full of photos, videos, drawings, plans, and more that details all the exciting new attractions coming to the park. One of the major new attractions is the World of Color lagoon show that will premiere next Spring and looks to be out of this world. (art above)

Disney also took the chance today to have a press event in connection with the reopening of their Blue Sky Cellar attraction at the park which allows visitors to see even more of the plans they have for the park. The current displays focus mainly on the World of Color show, and if you want to see some amazing photographs of what they have to show check out Mice Age's update.

Personally, I cannot wait for the World of Color show, as I have a feeling that Disney is going to really amaze audiences with what they can do with their take on a water fountain show!