Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Heads For Retirement

Sadly, in this case 'retirement' is polite for being removed from the park forever. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has made the sad announcement that the famous Big Bad Wolf roller coaster will be closed for ever after September 7th.

The ride opened in 1984 and is being called the world's first suspended coaster, which is only somewhat true because of the failure of The Bat at Kings Island, which sorta opened for a bit back in 1981.

The Wolf was one of Arrow Dynamics' larger suspended coasters, and features an iconic 80' dive over the Rhine River as a finale to the ride. Sad news indeed.

Props to the park for officially announcing the closure so that fans can get in one last ride! It's a shame when parks do not do this.


Unknown said...

Well it has alway's been my first major coaster; I will miss this coaster and will probably be getting quite alot of souvenirs. RIP Big Bad Wolf :(