Saturday, July 4, 2009

Aerial Antics: Six Flags Over Georgia

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend out with family, friends, and maybe a coaster or two!

Here's this week's Aerial Antics, in which we will check out the sights at Six Flags Over Georgia.

The park built a really beautiful entrance plaza some time ago, and I still think it stands out as one of the nicest of any Six Flags property. What a great way to start a day of fun at the park!

And why not start your day by taking a flight on Superman: Ultimate Flight. The B&M Flying coaster was added to the park in 2002 and featured the world's first "Pretzel Loop," that crazy twisted maneuver at the bottom of the photo. It's also the only Superman flying clone to feature dual stations, as the later models dropped that and added an extra row to the trains instead.

Here's another of my old thrill/new thrill photos. On the left we have the classic Georgia Cyclone, thrilling passengers at the park since 1990. (ok, so it not that old) On the right we find the park's drop tower, Acrophobia, which features floorless seats that actually tilt out 15 degrees when at the top of the tower!

Deja Vu was removed from the park after the 2007 season and hasn't been rebuilt anywhere that I know of. The land it sat on was quickly turned into a Thomas Town, however, which we can see under construction if you catch the aerials in just the right way:

Ta Daa! Gone is one big Vekoma Inverted Boomerang coaster and in its place we have a train track under construction. I'm a magician, what can I say.

I'm scared of this ride - and yes it's for the reason you're thinking... it must hurt. I've never been on it. It's called Ninja, and I have a feeling it's 'attack' would be pretty intense. Can you believe it used to operate on a pier in Wildwood, NJ?

Goliath is the park's huge B&M hypercoaster - so huge in fact that I couldn't get the ride in one shot that I liked, so I just decided to feature this pretty section that goes out in front of the park's entrance.

I'll finish with a general view of the park's Gotham City. I think the theming that Six Flags did on the park's Gotham section was amazing, really a step above the same themed areas at other parks. Also love how Mind Bender's brake run goes right over top of all the action!

If you want to zoom around and check out Six Flags Over Georgia yourself, click here!


Ryan said...

For the record, Dé javu has been relocated to Brazil, and Ninja was rater the most rough coaster by The Coaster Critic