Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Piece of Geauga Lake History Gone

© 2009 WKYC-TV

Following on the heels of the Big Bad Wolf announcement, I'm afraid I have yet another depressing piece of news to share. WKYC-TV has reported that the Skyscraper observation tower which once loomed large above Geauga Lake is no more. The ride has been dismantled bit by bit over the past two weeks, its future uncertain.

Skyscraper, an Intamin Space Tower, was installed at Geauga Lake in 1974. After the park closed its gates for good in 2007, the tower was sold at auction for $12,500 to a bidder whose intention was to scrap it. However, it was later resold on eBay and ultimately ended up on Ital International LLC, where it is now listed as sold. We can only hope that its buyer intends to refurbish it and install it elsewhere rather than proceed with the scrapping plan. It's always sad to lose a piece of history!