Monday, July 13, 2009

More On Carowinds 2010

User JamminJ over on the Carowinds Connection boards posted a great new photo update from the construction of the park's new coaster for 2010. They've got the first footer about ready to pour, other holes dug for a bunch of footers, and the drainage pieces sitting around where they will be placed.

From this, I made the above excellent piece of art. No really, no matter how bad my art is you can totally tell how this ride will start in this area from what they've done so far. The drainage pieces would be for a splashdown, which after Diamondback we're all sure would happen on this ride. Then you have the big footer ready to be poured which just screams "I'm for the base of the lift hill!" Also, there's tons of little footer holes dug for the transfer track area, just like on Diamondback. Add in a queue, station and put the rest of the ride out into the parking lot and presto! New B&M hyper coaster.