Friday, July 24, 2009

Time Machine: Not So Hair-Raising After All!

The date was July 23, 2009. The location was Freestyle Music Park. The battle? Roller coaster versus toupee.

Dennis Murphy was a man on a mission. It seems he was a bit disenchanted with the Freestyle Music Park commercial embedded above, which depicts a man exiting the Time Machine roller coaster with his toupee only partially intact. A proud toupee wearer and owner of a local hair replacement store, he responded by challenging the Time Machine to a duel.

With John Stine (the park's director of sales and marketing) at his side, Murphy boarded the B&M behemoth to prove that there was no way a silly old roller coaster was going to separate him from his toupee. He was right! The toupee--with no help from Murphy's hands, which remained plastered to the grab bars--fared much better than its commercial counterpart and didn't budge.

The contest was all in good fun, as even Murphy himself admitted to getting a laugh out of the commercial. He was simply trying to prove a point. Freestyle Music Park was happy to allow him to do so, and currently has no intention of pulling the ad. You can read the full story in The Sun News.

So my question to Mr. Murphy is, when will he be heading over to Germany to challenge Ring Racer? Now that would be something!