Monday, July 9, 2007

Wild Rivers Irvine Goes Down the Tube

Sadly, it seems that Wild Rivers water park in Irvine, California, will close for good at the end of the 2007 season.

The O.C. Register has a nice article with details. The land the park sits on is leased from the city of Irvine, and that lease is up this fall. The city has decided that the land is better suited for 3,700 homes and condos.

I've been to Irvine and it's a really beautiful place. It's also one of those beautiful places where the houses that cost 5 times what they should are about 4 feet from one another. My point, more of these developments are needed?

Anyway, the operators of the park want to build a new park somewhere, but it sounds a little like a pipe dream for now. They've scouted locations but it's understandably difficult to find any open parcel of land of a decent size in that part of the world.

If you have the opportunity, go give this water park a good bye visit! As a memorial, here's an aerial of the park since we all know I love to do these:


wildrivers said...

hello from germany,
it´s sad that this park was closed.
I was there in 1994 and 1997...and met my first girlfriend there.

I used to live in Silver Creek, Turtle Rock.

With a teardrop in my eye I send U many greetings to the beautiful spot in this world!

Alex from Stuttgart, Germany.